Datalife Engine v8.0 Pro - Final

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DataLife Engine - CMS intended for organization of own MASS-MEDIA in the internet. Due to the powerful system of publication, tuning and editing of news, a rendering-engine on a step forward passes ahead the nearest competitors. And due to the exact and carefully thought out structure of kernel, to taking to a minimum of requirement to the resources of server, a rendering-engine is able with lightness to work with the high-visited projects, not creating here some special loadings on a server.

1. New Template Blue (Phonix ) and New Design Tempalte Defulte (2Side)
2. New Skin Admin
3. File manager
4. Sql Manager
5. easy security cod only number
6. Site Info & Online & Pro state
7. Top List
8. tree category
9. Drop Menu admin
10.moderation Acsess Other Group For sql manager & file manager
11. 3news v2 (seo)
12. friend Suit 1.3
13. referer 5.3
14. Keyword
15. popup Register

easy upgrade 7.5 & 8 to 8 pro

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